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Winter-Ready Vehicles: Tips for Safe Winter Driving

As the U.S. braces for below-average winter temperatures, it’s crucial for vehicle owners, including those with warranties, to be prepared. Winter brings not just colder weather but also more challenging driving conditions. To help protect yourself from unwanted troubles during this season, here’s an easy-to-understand checklist to prepare your vehicle for winter driving conditions:

1. Check Your Tires

Traction is Key: With roads becoming slippery due to ice, rain, and slush, good tire traction is vital to a safe journey.

Tread and Snow Tires: Inspect your tire tread depth, and depending on your region, consider switching over to winter tires.

Rotation and Replacement: Regularly rotate your tires and replace them if the tread is worn out to ensure there’s adequate traction.

2. Ensure Visibility

Lighting and Windshield: Regularly check on your car’s headlights, taillights, windshield, and wiper blades to ensure visibility.

Wiper Fluid and Deicer: Ensure you have enough wiper fluid for the season. In frostier areas, a deicer can be a lifesaver.

3. Protect Vehicle Exterior

Clean and Wax: Remove any residue from previous seasons. A full-body wash followed by wax can safeguard your vehicle against the snow and road salt.

Surface Protection Coating: Prosidium’s surface protection coating works great for both interior and exterior surface protection as the weather conditions shift.

4. Check Oil

Cold Weather Impact: Lower temperatures can hinder a car’s oil flow, affecting engine warm-up time.

Regular Checks and Changes: Keep an eye on your oil level. Change it as needed to prevent future breakdowns and costly repairs.

Remember, being proactive with your vehicle maintenance not only ensures a safer driving experience but also helps in maintaining the validity of your car warranty. Stay warm and drive safe this winter!

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