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Dealerships are the backbone of the American economy. Without you and your dedicated team, we don’t exist. To that end, we have put together a group of professionals with an extensive knowledge of the challenges that come with all aspects of retailing cars today. Our focus is to provide quality compliant products, on-going training, development, and support for your dealership staff and the promise of efficient customer service, claims and cancellation processing to support you and your customers.

Your peace of mind

All Prosidium Warranty & Capital products are backed by ‘A’ rated insurance carriers giving you and your customers peace of mind. Our claims administration and reinsurance programs help minimize risk, while adding additional revenue streams. Contact us to learn more about PWC’s Processes, Products, and Profit strategies.

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Prosidium Warranty & Capital can assist your dealer or group in increasing revenue, maximizing access to more financial liquidity, and building long-term wealth. Contact us to learn more.