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What Is A Vehicle Service Contract Or Third Party Warranty?

What is a Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) or Third Party Warranty? 

Third party warranties (we will use VSC’s for short) help you prevent expensive repairs from eating into your wallet. Having an unexpected bill for your new or used car can be frustrating and difficult to budget for. Your VSC acts as a shield to help protect you and your family from costly repairs. Service contracts can come in a wide range of options, but typically they break down into either bundled coverage for a wide variety of vehicle components, or as coverage plans for more specific repairs/replacements. 

Examples of Vehicle Service Contracts: 

Prosidium Auto Care– Auto Care is a bundle of different mechanical coverage levels, which lets you choose how much of your vehicle that you want protected. Choose from basic powertrain coverage or go for a maximum plan that covers anything except for some excluded items. Auto, RV, and Powersport Care VSC’s include benefits like 24/7 Roadside Assistance, rental car coverages, trip interruption protections. Your Auto Care protection plan can also be upgraded to have prepaid maintenance – saving you money on future maintenance costs. 

Prosidium Luxury Care– With Prosidium Luxury Care, you can expect a plan tailored to your high-end automotive vehicle. Our Luxury Care is very similar to Prosidium Auto Care; however we created Luxury Care to synergize with the different, and often more complex parts of your new or used vehicle.

Prosidium Tech Care– Prosidium Tech Care is a type of VSC that is aimed at covering factory installed modern technology components. Vehicles are becoming far more technology driven, with high replacement costs for components like GPS systems, sound systems, sunroof tracks, touch screen systems, and much more. Prosidium Tech Care provides a more targeted protection plan for these high-cost electrical systems.

Prosidium Secure Care– Prosidium Secure Care aims at providing higher mileage vehicles an option for mechanical protection, similar to Auto Care. Components like your Engine, Drive Axle, Transmission, Electrical, and more are covered while getting excellent additional benefits like 24/7 Roadside Assistance. Coverage can optionally extend to those with Hybrid vehicles or Lift Kits.

What should I do if I have a third party warranty and my car breaks down? 

All covered repairs must be performed by a licensed mechanic. But the very first step depends on where your vehicle is located. If your vehicle is not at home or in an ideal location and your plan offers it, call 24/7 Roadside Assistance to get towed to a mechanic. Once your vehicle is at a licensed mechanic, provide them with your Prosidium vehicle service contract and ask them to call us to initiate a claim. We will work with your mechanic to move forward with your repairs. 

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