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Prosidium Warranty & Capital: The New Era of Principal Warranty Corp.

The time has come to announce our eagerly awaited debut at the 2024 National Auto Dealers Association (NADA) Show, marking a significant milestone in our team’s journey. After celebrating 15 years of growth and international expansion, we are ready to welcome a new era. Principal Warranty Corp. is now Prosidium Warranty & Capital – a reimagined name and logo that embodies our continued commitment to our foundational mission; providing processes and products that customers can trust and service they’ll come back for.

Reason for the Change

Our new identity, Prosidium Warranty & Capital, expresses our continued commitment to provide our improved processes, comprehensive suite of F&I products, and wealth management solutions for dealers, agents, and contract holders across the nation and beyond. Our name captures both the security (“Warranty”) and growth potential (“Capital”) that we offer our clients. Our new name is derived from the Latin word “Praesidium,” which means defense, protection, and guardianship, representing our dedication to protecting and enhancing the interests of dealer groups and contract holders alike.

What This Means for Our Clients

A Seamless Transition: Our rebranding has been crafted to ensure a smooth transition with minimal to no impact on our ongoing client interactions. Our Prosidium Warranty & Capital branding is now showcased on all brand materials and communications, with our core services remaining unchanged in their dependability.

Continuous Accessibility: Our digital presence is evolving too. Visit our new website at or if in South America for the latest updates. Our existing website will redirect visitors to our new U.S. domain, maintaining a simple online experience for clients and contract holders.

Ease in Communication: Despite our name now being Prosidium Warranty & Capital, our email addresses remain the same, upholding our commitment to ease and accessibility for all existing and future clients.
Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our rebranding.

Our Growth Story

Team Expansion: Our team has grown significantly since the company’s inception in 2009, with the establishment of offices in Washington, Arizona, and Mexico, all with the goal of better serving our expanding client base.

International Expansion: We are now an international entity, with our expansion in Mexico marking our start in global markets. As we continue to grow, we are actively exploring new markets. Stay tuned for additional updates on our expansion efforts.

Diverse Wealth Management: Prosidium Warranty & Capital now offers an even broader range of wealth management solutions, uniquely tailored to meet your group’s or dealership’s evolving needs.

Advanced Training: Our team of experts ensures cutting-edge expertise in wealth management solutions and sales training.

Tailored Products: We’re dedicated to co-creating products that uniquely cater to the group’s needs, ensuring dealers and customers are properly taken care of.

Evolving with the Times

Market Adaptation: We are continually refining our services to best align with current market trends and unique client expectations.

Enhanced Client Support: Our expanded team allows us to offer more personalized and efficient support to dealer groups and policyholders. Short hold times continue to be a top priority, regardless of our company’s growth.

Innovative Solutions: We are committed to providing innovative solutions in both our product offerings and in the way we serve our clients.

Data Protection and Reporting: Protecting client and policyholder data is central to our operations. Security and technology are at the forefront of our development, providing us with new avenues for securely reporting data to clients.

The Road Ahead

This evolution showcases our strong portfolio, signifying our journey of growth, our readiness to embrace changing market dynamics, and our commitment to excellence in serving your business and customers. As Prosidium Warranty & Capital, we are excited to embark on this new chapter, promising enhanced services, innovative solutions, and an international presence.
Join us this week, February 1st–4th, at NADA at Booth #6818N. Our team is excited to discuss how Prosidium Warranty & Capital can help elevate your dealership’s offerings and drive customer satisfaction moving forward.

We would like to extend a special thank you to a few of our Dealer partners; Gee Automotive, Fletcher Jones Family of Dealerships, and Swickard Automotive, who worked with us to ensure a smooth transition as Prosidium Warranty & Capital. We look forward to growing together in this exciting new chapter.

Thank You All for Being Part of Our Journey.

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