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Prosidium RV Total Care

Are you an RV enthusiast who enjoys hitting the open road, exploring new destinations, and creating lasting memories with your family and friends? If so, you know that owning an RV can be incredibly rewarding but comes with great responsibility. It’s essential to protect your RV from unexpected costs for repairs and replacements due to common road hazards. That is where RV Total Care comes to the rescue!

What is Prosidium RV Total Care?

RV Total Care is a comprehensive protection plan designed to keep your RV in showroom condition while protecting your wallet from expenses. Keeping your RV in its best condition can boost its resale value, ensuring you get the best return on your investment when it’s time to sell. With four customized tiers to choose from, you can tailor your coverage to meet your personal needs.

These tiers can include:

  • Tire and Wheel Protection: Tires and wheels go through a lot while on the road.  Tire and Wheel Protection covers the repair or replacement of damage caused by hazards such as potholes, nails, glass, and other debris that finds its way onto the roadways.  
  • Cosmetic Wheel Protection: Scrapes, scratches, and nicks to the wheel cover can detract from its appearance. RV Total Care’s Cosmetic Wheel Protection takes care of these imperfections to make sure your RV looks its best no matter where you roam.
  • Paintless Dent Repair: Dings and dents occur often when you’re traveling on the open road. Paintless Dent Repair makes those blemishes disappear without a trace. Your RV can maintain its pristine look, and you don’t have to worry about costly repairs.
  • Windshield Repair: A crack or chip in your windshield can be a safety issue and an eyesore. Windshield Repair covers the costs of fixing cracks less than 6 inches in length, ensuring your visibility and peace of mind.
  • Key Replacement: Lost, stolen, or damaged keys can be a headache to replace. With key replacement, you can rest assured that your keys will be replaced, repaired, and programmed, up to $800 per occurrence for the term of your agreement.
24-Hour Roadside Assistance

One of the standout features of RV Total Care is the 24-hour roadside assistance that comes with your plan. This means that no matter where you are, you’re taken care of. Whether you get a flat, need a jump, or run out of gas, RV Total Care has you covered.

With RV Total Care, you can hit the roads with confidence, knowing you and your wallet are protected against common road hazards. Explore the world, create memories, and let RV Total Care take care of the rest!

Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive vehicle service contracts and how they can benefit you. Remember, at Prosidium Warranty & Capital, we’re committed to keeping you on the road with confidence and peace of mind.

Program coverage and availability vary by state. See product details on our product page.

Prosidium Warranty & Capital is a customer-centric organization that prides itself on providing and administrating automotive and recreational vehicle F&I products and wealth-building programs with an exceptional customer service experience for dealers, agents, and contract holders nationwide. Our full suite of F&I products for auto, RV, and powersports includes exclusionary and comprehensive mechanical service contracts, lifetime and limited warranty programs, GAP, ancillary plans, reinsurance programs, dealer development and compliance training. PWC is located north of Seattle in Burlington, WA. 

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