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Driving Dealership Growth with Prosidium Warranty & Capital

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In today’s competitive automotive market, finding the right partner can make all the difference in dealership success. Since 2009, Prosidium Warranty & Capital (PWC) has been the trusted ally for dealerships, offering a comprehensive range of F&I products and services designed to fuel growth and prosperity.

1. Strong Foundation for Success

At Prosidium Warranty & Capital, we believe that success begins with a solid foundation. Our extensive suite of F&I products includes Vehicle Service Contracts, Limited and Lifetime Warranty Programs, Guaranteed Asset Protection, and Ancillary Protection Products like Anti-Theft and Key Replacement. These products are backed by A.M. Best ‘A’ rated carriers, ensuring customers’ peace of mind.

In addition to our product offerings, we provide robust training, development, and participation programs for dealers and agents. Our aim is to empower our partners with the knowledge and tools needed to excel in today’s competitive market.

2. Cutting-Edge Technology for Seamless Operations

Innovation is key at Prosidium Warranty & Capital. Our online Prosidium Contract Administration program leverages state-of-the-art technology for E-Rating, E-Contracting, E-Remitting, claims processing, and reporting. This streamlined “One Source” solution simplifies processes for dealers and customers alike.

Moreover, our integration with dealer DMS and menu systems ensures a seamless end-to-end experience. With Prosidium, dealers can focus on sales while we handle the administrative tasks efficiently.

3. Industry-Leading Excellence

At Prosidium Warranty & Capital, we are committed to excellence in all aspects of our operations. From superior products to cutting-edge technologies and comprehensive training programs, we strive to deliver top-tier service to our partners.

Drawing on our team’s extensive experience in marketing F&I products and previous retail franchise ownership, we offer unique business opportunities for agents and dealers alike. Our innovative approach opens up new revenue streams, driving growth and success for our partners.

In summary, Prosidium Warranty & Capital is more than just an F&I provider – we’re a trusted partner dedicated to helping dealerships thrive. With a strong foundation, advanced technology, and a commitment to excellence, we’re poised to elevate your dealership to new heights. Contact us today to discover how we can help you achieve your growth goals.


Our claims administration and reinsurance programs help minimize risk, while adding additional revenue streams. Contact us to learn more about PWC’s Processes, Products, and Profit Strategies by clicking the button below: 

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