Prosidium Auto GAP

There is a lot of uncertainty in the day-to-day life of a vehicle owner. Unforeseen accidents and vehicle theft might leave you upset and stressed while you have to bear the financial burden. With Prosidium Auto Gap, we carry that burden by filling the gap that’s often left behind by insurance policies. Coverage with Prosidium […]

Detroit Three and UAW Strike Updates

The UAW strike against the Big Three Automakers: General Motors, Ford, and Stellantis, began on September 15th. After a grueling month and a half, a tentative deal has been made between the United Auto Workers Union and all three of the Detroit Automakers. UAW Original Auto Bargaining Demands According to the UAW, members of the […]

Prosidium RV Maximum Shield

Life on the road can be tough on your RV, exposing it to dirt and grime on the inside and outside. But worry not; Prosidium RV Maximum Shield is here to keep your RV looking brand new. Our Interior and Exterior Protection program, along with Rip & Tear benefits, have got you covered. Protecting Vehicle […]